The Dream Speaks on The Weeknd


In an interview with Complex Magazine, The Dream speaks on The Weeknd and calls him an “incredible melodically driven artist”. Some excerpts from the article are shown below:

“Some people hear a lot of The-Dream in The Weeknd. The Weeknd is kinda like you on drugs—literally. I wanted to know your take on The Weeknd specifically.

I think he’s an incredible melodically driven artist. People often say to me that he sounds a lot like what I do, and I’m sure that the influence is there. But he’s not me, nor is he trying to be me. He has his own culture of those guys that like that music. He’s an artist first. I’m a songwriter first…

What do you think of Frank Ocean? Would you say he’s a writer or an artist first?

I would say an artist first. Whenever you’re signed as an artist, you’re pretty much an artist first. I think he signed to Tricky [Stewart], actually. I definitely don’t hear any of my stuff in what he does. I can’t personally hear it. He has a great cult following also.

I think he and The Weeknd have this niche, which is what artists need to find out and go directly to the people they’re talking to. Only those guys know who they’re talking to. That’s what you need at the end of the day.”

Read the full interview on Complex 

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